Friday, 15 January 2016

Taking a rest

Last night's experimenting with the phase left me feeling tired the next day. I find it so tempting to keep doing it as the experiences are so extraordinary and new but I have to exercise caution otherwise I'll 'zone out'. So I'm being disciplined and taking days off and just sleeping through out the night. I have learnt to manage my mind quite well over the years through my meditation practises, so I command myself to stop if I am tempted and that works well.

I was talking to a friend about my experiences last night. I want to see if there is a 'greater' benefit in doing this phase research. If it ends up being just a form of entertainment then my interest will probably wane. As I mentioned, I meditate and I want to bring the phase and my meditation together and create something new and more powerful. 

I have an interest in 'angels' and believe that these are human beings who are constantly connected to a higher source. It's this angelic concept that I will be focusing on with my phase experimenting. First I want to be able to become accomplished at entering and remaining in the phase when and for as long as I want. I have a lot of confidence in my ability to do this.

So I'm maintaining a balance between my research and experimenting and looking after myself so as to remain physically, mentally and spiritually stable and healthy throughout the process.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

It's getting exciting now!

Last night was another extraordinary night for me. I awoke and was able to immediately capture 'the moment' between sleep and awake. I'm surprised how quickly this has developed. Nothing new! I only started practising these methods on the 23rd December 2016 and already I feel reasonably confident and am able to have many enjoyable experiences.

Actually, I find that even if I don't capture 'the moment', by using the 'images-behind-closed-eyes' technique I am easily able to enter into 'phase type' experiences. I find this technique works very well for me. I can even get up and go to the loo and return to bed and begin the technique and often, quite quickly, I enter into the phase. 

I still haven't achieved what I imagine total separation from the body would be like but I think I'm very close to that. Last night was the closest I got to what I expect to experience. It was an unusual feeling of being peeled out of my body. My face was affected in an odd way, that wasn't uncomfortable but was strange. I had never felt like that before but it seemed like I was close to emerging, separating, from my physical body. 

I spent quite awhile, it seemed, in the phase state, being able to wander around and do what ever I wanted to. I was very relaxed and confident and enjoyed myself no end. I thought I would need a plan and do lots of palpating, but that wasn't the case, but then maybe I wasn't seperate from my physical body. Sometimes I thought I was and at others, not. I even stood up but found I was 'really' standing up and felt a bit silly.

Anyway, I'm really enjoying all of this. It seems like I'm at the very beginning of an incredible journey and period of research into 'what lies within'.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

What is The Phase?

Lucid dreaming, out of body experiences, astral travel and false awakenings, are some of the phenomena that are covered by the umbrella term (coined by Michael Raduga) 'The Phase'. It's an experience where you are asleep and yet conscious and able to feel separated from your physical body.

Being separated from your physical body allows free flowing thoughts and feelings, unconstrained by your brain and senses. Your bodies a straight jacket that anchors you to limited thoughts, feelings and experiences. When you are able to 'seperate' from your body you can experience your unfettered imagination and creative abilities.

When looking for images for this blog, most are very scary looking, esoteric types which might evoke fear and unease about the practise. If that's the case it's a pity, because this appears to be something very useful in regards to changing our view of ourselves from physical limited beings to subtle unlimited beings. It's this limited mortal, perishable view of ourselves that I believe causes so much sorrow and limitation in our lives.

Eyes open Phase?

I once helped run a weekend retreat where, by using various visualisation exercises, the group worked towards creating a 3D holographic image of their perfect self, outside of themselves. I had an experience of me, in an angelic costume that was very vivid and seemed 'as if real'. 

When I returned home from the retreat I found that, for the next 2 to 3 weeks, I was able to, with eyes open and sitting still n meditation, experience myself in another place doing all sorts of things including flying over a paradise or entering into a picture on the wall. They were amazing experiences especially as I felt separated from my physical body and at the distant place.

I am reminded of this as I read and experiment with the Phase phenomena and am increasingly curious about what the significance is, especially in regards to self-transformation and the spiritual path I follow.

Visions behind closed eyes

When I lay in a dark space with or without my eyes closed I am easily able to see panoramic visions of valleys, armies on the move, patterns etc. It's like I'm watching a movie and a lot of the items within the vision are easily and rapidly recognised by me. It's fascinating to watch. Sometimes this phenomena (which I've had most of my life) is very vivid and clear and at other times it is difficult to make out exactly what I am seeing. I guess it is going on all the time even during the daytime but our physical senses overpower them and they can't be seen.

I haven't tried too much to direct the 'visions' because it is quite fascinating and enjoyable seeing what randomly appears but now, because it is one of the practises suggested in being able to easily access The Phase I am paying more attention to it. I think the visions are there all the time but because I might not be focussed on them I am not really aware of what is going on. I've noticed that as soon as I do pay attention and focus on the phenomena as part of my Phase exercises then it quickly enhances the Phase experiences. I wonder if this is a remnant of past human abilities that have been undervalued and therefore diminished?

Wikipedia has this to say about this phenomena and a quick search on Google reveals many other people have this experience too. I guess it depends on what importance or significance one gives to it as to what benefit or otherwise one will get from the practise. Michael Raduga talks about being able to live in two worlds, using Phase practise. Sounds a bit like 'being and staying in the subtle regions whilst walking and moving around', to me. True seeing with the third eye?

Walking on Saturn's rings

The other day I walked on Saturn's rings. I went there via a rocket which I boarded at Grantham Rd, a recreation park close to where I grew up. The experience was very real. Not real as if I was actually there, but real enough to be unusual and very interesting.

I walked on the rings and touched them. I don't think I was separated from my body, well not in the way I understand it from the book I'm reading at the moment, but definitely an unusual and unique experience.

I'm learning what to do whilst in the phase, so I'm just experimenting with things that seem appealing. At the moment this whole thing is entertaining but I want to go beyond that and see how useful it is as a means of serving the world. Time and practise will tell.

The Phase and The Nap

Because of my current lifestyle, practising The Phase at night is challenging. Generally I sleep only 6 hours per night and if I disturb that pattern I'm left feeling pretty disoriented during the following day.  However, I am fortunate in that I am able to take an nap during the day and I've found that this is a good time for me to experiment with 'The Phase'.

When I first started practising, as is my nature, I was so keen and enthusiastic that, despite the warnings in the book to the contrary, I would try and awaken during sleep whenever I could, but I soon stopped this in exchange for something more sensible once I became sleep deprived. 

The nap is the sensible option for me.  The main thing I have found is not to try to cut short my main bulk of sleep at night. It's also suggested in the book that you only try this for a few times a week but of course I won't be doing that either! I learn best through my own experience.