Thursday, 14 January 2016

It's getting exciting now!

Last night was another extraordinary night for me. I awoke and was able to immediately capture 'the moment' between sleep and awake. I'm surprised how quickly this has developed. Nothing new! I only started practising these methods on the 23rd December 2016 and already I feel reasonably confident and am able to have many enjoyable experiences.

Actually, I find that even if I don't capture 'the moment', by using the 'images-behind-closed-eyes' technique I am easily able to enter into 'phase type' experiences. I find this technique works very well for me. I can even get up and go to the loo and return to bed and begin the technique and often, quite quickly, I enter into the phase. 

I still haven't achieved what I imagine total separation from the body would be like but I think I'm very close to that. Last night was the closest I got to what I expect to experience. It was an unusual feeling of being peeled out of my body. My face was affected in an odd way, that wasn't uncomfortable but was strange. I had never felt like that before but it seemed like I was close to emerging, separating, from my physical body. 

I spent quite awhile, it seemed, in the phase state, being able to wander around and do what ever I wanted to. I was very relaxed and confident and enjoyed myself no end. I thought I would need a plan and do lots of palpating, but that wasn't the case, but then maybe I wasn't seperate from my physical body. Sometimes I thought I was and at others, not. I even stood up but found I was 'really' standing up and felt a bit silly.

Anyway, I'm really enjoying all of this. It seems like I'm at the very beginning of an incredible journey and period of research into 'what lies within'.