Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Visions behind closed eyes

When I lay in a dark space with or without my eyes closed I am easily able to see panoramic visions of valleys, armies on the move, patterns etc. It's like I'm watching a movie and a lot of the items within the vision are easily and rapidly recognised by me. It's fascinating to watch. Sometimes this phenomena (which I've had most of my life) is very vivid and clear and at other times it is difficult to make out exactly what I am seeing. I guess it is going on all the time even during the daytime but our physical senses overpower them and they can't be seen.

I haven't tried too much to direct the 'visions' because it is quite fascinating and enjoyable seeing what randomly appears but now, because it is one of the practises suggested in being able to easily access The Phase I am paying more attention to it. I think the visions are there all the time but because I might not be focussed on them I am not really aware of what is going on. I've noticed that as soon as I do pay attention and focus on the phenomena as part of my Phase exercises then it quickly enhances the Phase experiences. I wonder if this is a remnant of past human abilities that have been undervalued and therefore diminished?

Wikipedia has this to say about this phenomena and a quick search on Google reveals many other people have this experience too. I guess it depends on what importance or significance one gives to it as to what benefit or otherwise one will get from the practise. Michael Raduga talks about being able to live in two worlds, using Phase practise. Sounds a bit like 'being and staying in the subtle regions whilst walking and moving around', to me. True seeing with the third eye?

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